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Hybrid Debt Program


This program utilizes the Class "A" Preferred stock certificates issued by a company as a "preferred security interest" for qualified capital debt finance to the client company for their capital start-up or improvement. Capital funds originate from a Lender CORRESPONDENT FINANCE PORTFOLIO.


  • Countries of Interest: USA and International (USA-friendly countries as qualified)
  • Program Description: This is a hybrid debt program. In simple terms, an interest only loan with a principal balloon payment at the term of the proposed loan whose security (like that of a 1st mortgage on a piece of property) are the CLASS "A" preferred share certificates of a company.
  • Capital Finance amount: from $5M (USD) and up on a qualified basis.
  • LTC & LTV Finance values: 100% as qualified
  • Simple Interest---8 to 11% (as qualified and subject to market adjustments)
  • Loan Term: 3 to 10 years
  • Loan Principal payment: Balloon, at term
  • Ownership Interest: None
  • Interest payment Deferment Period: Qualified to each project based on pro forma cash flow but NOT greater than THREE (3) years
  • Recourse and Personal Guarantees: None
  • Management oversight: None
  • Voting rights: None
  • Commonly underwritten for start-up business concerns or a company seeking to advance company growth without going to the common public market(s) or encumber itself with additional conventional debt burden(s) that could potentially or adversely affect its credit rating or standing. Or, simply in cases where the company does not categorically qualify for conventional asset or UCC based debt financing.
  • Security: The CLASS "A" preferred certificate shares (to be issued) of a company; which function as a preferred lien interest until the loan is paid back. Simply stated the shares securing the loan give the Capital Debt Financer the ’preferred’ right of payment / repayment ahead of any other party (principals included) in lieu of a loan default, sale or liquidation.
  • Sale of Preferred Shares: NO sale of stock shares takes place under this program. Again, the Class "A" certificates function as a preferred Lender Security Interest. Underwriting follows the same format as that of a conventional debt underwriting in compliance with UCC (uniform commercial code) guide lines and thus requires no SEC regulation or compliance adherence.
  • Projects are pre-qualified to the Lender Correspondent Portfolio in order to mitigate and reduce risk that in turn meets the proposed capital finance requirements of the Client. The Capital finance Portfolio is one established to finance companies or business concerns where an acceptable risk return is balanced by a governing market / business model of expanding opportunity.
  • Underwriting completion time to release for loan close: 30-60 days (estimated).
  • Closing and the disbursement of funds from underwriting completion: 30-45 days and/or until PAR (all loan funds) is completed.
  • Customary Underwriting Service fees apply. These are due and payable at underwriting engagement*: Costs calculated on a sliding scale basis (qualified) beginning at .60% of capital finance requested.
  • ALL funds IMMEDIATELY released to Client as the proposed loan closes, less customary closing costs (i.e. 3rd party & Fiduciary costs)
  • No hold backs, reserves, or PAR value(s) required for close of NET finance capital to the Client.
  • The process for pre-qualification and underwriting engagement is straight-forward and timely and completed in THREE simple steps:
    1. i. Preliminary review & analysis for prequalification (PRA)
    2. ii. Formal prequalification transmittal (PQT)
    3. iii.* Formal Debenture Underwriting Service Agreement (DUSA)
  • International Clients will be required to form a US based company that own 100% of the Foreign National company, into which all finance dollars will be disbursed. This is a UCC requirement. NO additional cost to the client will be charged to establish this US based company if needed. The cost to do so is included in the underwriting commitment cost.

If you would like us to review your project and proposed finance requirements kindly submit the following to us by EMAIL:

  • 1. A COMPLETE Executive summary
  • 2. A DETAILED (LINE ITEM) Use of Funds (UOF) summary in USD
  • 3. Ramp up schedule time table needed to reach year ONE (1) Positive cash flow of the pro-forma P&L
  • 4. 10 year proforma P&L in USD (Gross income over total operating expense = NOI pre-tax (IN EXCEL FORMAT) Please use full currency description ( i.e. $10,123,456.00 ), NO abbreviations please.
  • 5. Summary statement specifying the proposed loan amount, IN US DOLLARS


IMPORTANT: If you are serious about securing funding, please email us a 1 to 5 page Executive Overview or feel free to call us first.

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